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Curate and promote tours that specifically cater to LGBTQ+ travelers, highlighting inclusive experiences and destinations.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Hotels & Accomodations

All our associated accommodations prioritize guest safety and ensure a non-discriminatory environment.

LGBTQ+ Focused Events & Activities

Queer Artwork, LGBTQ+ movie screenings, and candid conversations with local activists and influencers.

LGBTQ+ Community-Friendly Tours

Our tours highlight the determination and cultural significance of the LGBTQ+ community throughout India’s history.

LGBTQ Travel with Holy india tours

Holy India Tours carefully selects destinations in India that value diversity and are hospitable to LGBTQ+ guests. Explore the cosmopolitan cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, which are home to thriving LGBTQ+ communities. Relax on Goa’s tranquil beaches, which are renowned for their LGBTQ+ -friendly environment, or get lost in the cultural extravaganza of Rajasthan and Kerala. Each location is chosen with care to provide a welcoming environment for everyone.

Our local guides in India are passionate promoters of diversity and are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in leading tours. These guides give insightful information on the local LGBTQ+ landscape, cultural differences, and undiscovered gems because they have an extensive understanding of LGBTQ+ concerns and history in India. Their knowledge guarantees a unique and enriching vacation experience.

Experience India’s colourful cultures and rich history with one of our LGBTQ+ community-friendly tours. Discover historical sites, including the Taj Mahal, witness traditional dance performances, and participate in festivals and rituals from long ago. Our tours highlight the determination and cultural significance of the LGBTQ+ community throughout India’s history by highlighting their contributions and stories.

Our trips give you the chance to take part in LGBTQ+ -focused events and festivals, since India is known for its colourful festivals. Observe the enthusiasm of regional Pride celebrations like Mumbai’s Queer Azaadi March, Delhi’s Queer Pride, and others that bring the LGBTQ+ community together. Take part in these vibrant events to personally experience the fun, community, and cultural significance.

Holy India Tours works with hotels in India that are committed to providing LGBT+ guests with secure and welcoming environments. Stay in LGBTQ+ -friendly hotels that are aware of your special requirements. Your privacy, comfort, and well-being are our top priorities, so you can relax and have a great time.

Enjoy the gastronomic delights of India on one of our tours that examines both traditional and modern LGBTQ+ -friendly food cultures. Try local cuisine, take part in cooking classes, and indulge in the many culinary treats that India has to offer. Participate in LGBTQ+ -themed activities like queer artwork, LGBTQ+ movie screenings, and candid conversations with local activists and influencers.

We at Holy India Tours are committed to celebrating diversity and giving the LGBTQ+ community in India lifetime travel opportunities. We combine immersive cultural experiences, historical exploration, exciting festivals, and inclusive hotels in our tours. Immerse yourself in India’s vibrant culture, where inclusiveness and acceptance are strongly valued. Join us on an adventure of transformation that welcomes love, honours identities, and leaves you with unforgettable experiences. Book your tour with Holy India Tours right away, and let us guide you through the colourful tapestry of this amazing country.

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    In 2018, the Supreme Court of India overturned a colonial-era law and decriminalised consensual same-sex relationships. This landmark decision represented an important step in recognising and defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. It sparked hope and opened opportunities for a more diverse community by marking the start of an era of legal acceptance and acknowledgement.

    In India, pride parades have developed into a powerful representation of LGBTQ+ visibility and togetherness. These events celebrate variety, increase awareness, and call for equal rights, from the energetic marches in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to the smaller gatherings in towns and villages. The LGBTQ+ community’s voices are amplified by activists, organisations, and allies who are working to advocate for their recognition and respect for their rights.

    The sentiments towards the LGBTQ+ community have significantly changed in Indian society, which was traditionally firmly based on traditional beliefs and social standards. People and communities are adopting the values of inclusivity, love, and acceptance more and more. Families, friends, and allies are speaking out in support of their LGBTQ+ loved ones, dispelling stereotypes, and promoting an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.

    In moulding public opinion and fostering acceptance of LGBTQ+ people, India’s media and arts sectors have been crucial. Diverse LGBTQ+ characters and narratives are now being portrayed in films, television shows, and web series, bringing light to their experiences, challenges, and victories. This greater public awareness not only informs the public but also humanises the LGBTQ+ group, eradicating prejudice and promoting acceptance.

    For the LGBTQ+ community in India, a large number of organisations have formed to offer support, resources, and safe spaces. These groups provide community participation programmes, legal assistance, healthcare support, and counselling services. They serve as rays of hope, encouraging a sense of identity and empowerment while putting in endless effort to fight prejudice and advance acceptance.

    Indian educational institutions are making efforts to advance LGBTQ+ inclusivity and awareness. A number of schools and universities have established classes, workshops, and awareness campaigns that address LGBTQ+ concerns, foster acceptance, and establish safe spaces for students. These programmes play an important role in dispelling myths, encouraging conversation, and raising new generations who value equality and acceptance.

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